Ipod class
Jamie Allen

Assignment #1: Articles on using ipods in the classroom
Resources for using iPods in the classroom
1) ipod in Education:

A helpful site to learn how ipods are used in the classroom. It offers ideas as to how others are integrating ipods and podcasting. The website also has tutorials, links and the opportunity to share advice and tips on podcasting.


2) ipods in the Classroom:
The article explores the fact that ipods are more than just a storage device for music and videos—it is an educational tool. However, it can also be a distraction if not used correctly. Duke University was the first to provide their students with an ipod and they have found many benefits along with a few glitches. Pros: study tool, recording lectures, oral notes, less paper waste. Cons: entertainment, cheating, etc. There is debate about the effectiveness of the tool, but it has a lot of potential.

3) Using iPods in the Classroom Promotes Interactive Learning and More Effective Studying:

An interesting take on emerging technology and the varying stances that schools take on whether to embrace ipods or to ban them. There are more success stories than failures. With all new technology there is hesitation to change and debates on its’ effectiveness, but all in all learning can be enhanced by trying a new method.


4) Classroom in the Cloud: iPods in the Classroom - Webinar Notes

This review points out that there are endless opportunities with ipods in the classroom—or at least more than we thought! The author pointed out that it can be used for audio/music, notes, and photos but the webinar opened his eyes to many other ideas.

5) iPods in the classroom
This news article highlights the trend towards using ipods in the classroom. They point out that with our hectic schedules; it is more convenient to listen to a lecture while commuting or to go on a virtual field trip instead of paying the money to go to it. A few mentioned drawbacks are lack of visuals, asking questions, and students not coming to class.

6) iPods now double as study aids

USA Today points out that ipods are being used at universities so students can review lectures that they missed or didn’t understand. Several universities joined iTunes U to test the waters to see if ipods as a classroom tool really work. So far, so good. Ipods are not replacing valuable face-to-face interaction, they are supplementing and enhancing whatever is already in place.


7) iPod Use & Podcasting in Higher Education: A Bibliography

A great resource for presentations, articles and examples of podcasting in education all on one wikispace!

8) 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

Another great resource for ideas on how to use ipods in education. The links take right to the resource and also offers a summary of what each website is about.

9) iPods in Education

The best resource I found for this assignment! It is a youtube video showing all of the different uses for ipods in the classroom. It certainly gave me a few ideas! A must seeJ


10) Learning in Hand: Podcasting

A helpful website to see how podcasts are created. It also includes a place where students can submit an episode. You can also find, listen, create, and subscribe to podcasts on this website. It is very user friendly.

Assignment #2: AHA moments are posted in the discussion area of Marian Online

Assignment #3: Free podcast for classroom use:
Suze Orman on Oprah presents a Podcast on taking control of your financial future. I plan to use it during my Investing Unit in Personal Finance class.

Assignment #4: Unit plan incorporating the use of iPods.

Assignment #5: Student and teacher created podcasts:

Teacher created Podcast: I created a podcast for my 5th grade keyboarding students. They can listen to it when registering on Microtype Keyboarding Software.

Student created Podcast: My Accounting students created a podcast on the Accounting Cycle